Stegmaier Brewing Company

The Baer & Stegmaier Brewery was opened in 1857 on South Canal Street by a partnership between Charles Stegmaier and his father-in-law, George Baer. It was later called the C. Stegmaier & Son brewery, in 1863 before finaly becoming Stegmaier Brewing Company in 1897. 

Between 1910 and 1913 Stegmaier won eight gold medals at expositions in Paris, Brussels and Rome. After prohibition it became one of the largest independent breweries in North America, reaching an output of a half million barrels in 1940. Using a 60-truck fleet and rail services, the distribution areas eventually covered the East Coast from Maine to Florida - a considerable evolution from the days of 1857 when Charles Stegmaier personally delivered each barrel of beer with an express wagon drawn by a husky goat. 

The company enjoyed many productive years before closing during long years of slow decline of the local brewers in October, 1974. The Stegmaier label was sold to Lion, Inc. of Wilkes-Barre. The vacated Stegmaier brewery, was purchased for back taxes in 1978, by the City of Wilkes-Barre. The brewhouse structure has been restored as a modern office building, and continues to stand in the center of town as a stately local landmark. 

Stegmaier beer is still produced by Lion, Inc., of Wilkes-Barre (The Lion Brewery), and remains one of the firms best selling products. Enjoy a cold, frosty "Steg" and appreciate the history that the Stegmaier Brewing Co. has left behind. 

Stegmaier Gold Medal earned its name by winning 8 gold medals at prestigious expositions in Rome, Antwerp, and Vienna between 1911 and 1913

It continued in operation until 1974, when it merged with the Lion Brewery, also of Wilkes Barre, and facilities were consolidated at Lion's plant.  Lion kept Stegmaier's brand name and beers in its product line after the merger.